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Virgin River

February 20, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Spoiler Alert:  Jack is still alive in Book #15

If you have tuned in to the Netflix Series you are probably eagerly wondering what is going to happen to Jack Sheridan.   I am dying to know as well.  The moment I tuned in to season 1 on Netflix, I was hooked. (fishing pun intended)  Jack Sheridan is a local restaurant bar owner and former US Marine. He becomes interested in Melinda Monroe when she moves to the town of Virgin River to work with the local doctor.   Typically, the book is way better than the movie and this series that is true.    The series and the books are very different, the similarity though is the LOVE you will immediately have for the characters.

Jack and Mel are the dream couple. I fell in love with them in Episode 1.  Book 1 confirms that this couple is perfection.  I absolutely adore Jack and Mel.

New characters are introduced each story and I immediately begin casting them for the show. Walt Booth—The 61-year-old retired Army general and widow needs to be played by Harrison Ford.  Big stars are frequent on Hulu and Netflix now.  I am bummed the series does not follow the book storyline.  I hope in future seasons they introduce characters like Walt Booth.

  • I absolutely love the Christmas books.  One of my favorite characters is Ian Buchanan and he first comes on the scene in the first Christmas book in Virgin River, A Virgin River Christmas.  It is also when they first talk about this really special tree that brings the community together.  Each of the Christmas books mentions the amazing tree.  In my mind I have it pictured and it is so magical.   I really want to celebrate Christmas in Virgin River. The tree is to honor the men and women in the military that serve. Robyn Carr paints such a wonderful picture of the tree.  In McCall, one of my favorite things is the City of McCall’s tree lighting.  I imagine the glory of the countdown is similar to what it is in Virgin River.
  • Temptation RidgeParadise Valley
  • As much as I love this series, I love the books so much more.  They are more passionate.  Each book contains a different love story.  That being said each book also contains at least one steamy scene.  The writing is pretty spectacular, but if you are listening to it via audible and your kids are in the car… you are bound to blush. Titles like Temptation Ridge and Forbidden Falls and Midnight Confessions should let you know that it gets hot and heavy.
  • Every single one of the Christmas books are my favorite in this whole series.  I have a strong desire to spend Christmas in Virgin River.  From the books you know Virgin River is in Northern California.  It however is filmed in Vancouver, Canada.   Jack’s Bar is actually the Watershed Grill.  https://www.instagram.com/thewatershedgrill/  
  • I get a Riggins / Garden Valley vibe from Jack’s and the Watershed’s Instagram lets me know I am not far off.  Virgin River could be a mountainous town in Idaho and perhaps that is why I love it so much.  I relate to it.
  • Forbidden FallsAngel's PeakMoonlight Road
  • The Riordan family is a family I have come to adore,  I am listening to the books primarily by audio and they pronounce this as Reardon.   The YA author Rick Riordan says his last name as RYE-ur-don.  I always find it interesting how names are pronounced in audiobooks.  The “Reardan” family is my favorite.  They are fun and bring an exciting “large family” component to the series which is a great dynamic.
  • Promise CanyonWild Man CreekHARVEST MOONHidden Summit
  • I have been questioned if the books have to be read in chronological order?  The answer is yes and no.  I read the Christmas Books during the holidays.  I had Covid and they were my Covid read.  They made me happy and I loved them.  Each of the books has an independent story.  You can read each book without reading any other book in the series and be able to enjoy it and know what is going on.  However, if you read them in order they flow beautifully. Also, if you do not read them in order and watch the Netflix series you will still follow the storyline but you will get confused as to what was in the show and what was in the book. 🙂

  • I may hold off on reading Return to Virgin River just so it doesn’t end.


February 20, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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